Heather Lee

“Her soul beams with the true fire and light of music.”

This is how Heather Lee was recently reviewed at a live show. The truth is, this could be said of her at any show — any night — anywhere.

Raised in a musical family, Heather Lee grew up singing along with the 50s and 60s era American R&B that her grandfather’s band played. Rhythm - Melody - Lyric. To her, these were the key ingredients to a great song.  The music needed to move you in your body, in your heart, and in your soul. Enter Heather Lee as her own songwriter. 

Drawing from her roots, she began writing songs with a deep sense of place. Songs crafted around personal experience — joy and longing. Songs with a melody that could stay with you all day long and not become a bother, but rather, a friend. Music with a beat that shakes you to your core and lifts you to your feet. To be honest though, the fact that she's such a stellar songwriter is often nearly overlooked. It’s her voice that’s most immediately affecting. Her voice.

Garnering comparisons to singers such as Adele, Brandi Carlile, and Florence + the Machine, Heather Lee has the vocal presence of very few performers. With her though, it’s not just about the “high notes”. It’s about the feeling you get when you hear them and sing along with them. She relates the emotion of real life, not fabricated fluff, into each note. Her voice isn’t used just as a single-sided statement, but more so, as a means to start a conversation between the listener and herself. Returning back to where it all began, her songs speak to the listener in such a way as to move their body, heart, and soul.

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